Frequently Asked Questions


We have tried to put all the questions in this section. If you still have any query and feedback, we are happy to hear from you. Kindly contact us.
  • Joboshi is the first online job portal who support cryptocurrencies and match right candidate for the right job.
  • Registration is very simple, all you have to do is to signup.
  • It is very easy to post a job. Signup using employer and enter all the required information to post a job.
  • If you any issues  or clarifications, we are ready to assist you. Kindly direct all questions to
  • We do not offer job guarantee, we help job seekers and employers to match their requirements.
  • Joboshi is a global job portal site, anyone around the globe can find and post the job.
  • You can apply to all jobs. However, potential candidates with required qualification will be contacted by employer.
  • Registration is totally free for employer and job seekers, but they can choose different packages based on the need.
  • Joboshi follows the strict rules to keep user's information safe.
  • To upload or replace old resume, simply go to profile section of candidates and upload the resume again.
  • You can not apply for the same job again. 
  • Job seekers who subscribed to this event will get the regular emails similar to the candidate's profile.

Plans that grow with your business

Joboshi clients have the capacity to look over five appealing, use based arrangements.

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